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Space And Rocket Center Trip

JONESBOROUGH –Thirty- nine David Crockett High School NJROTC cadets visit Huntsville, Alabama to experience the Space and Rocket Center on October 20-22. Crockett’s trip started with embarking for a two night stay at the Drury Hotel on October 20. Cadets experienced special guided tours and presentations by the Space and Rocket Center staff, which included experiments and a Planetarium show. The Space and Rocket Center is a hands-on NASA influenced museum. David Crockett Navy JROTC cadets gained experience and knowledge in astronomy, aviation, history, and technology. Crockett cadets also received a guided tour of the Saturn V which is the biggest rocket ever built. It was used in the Apollo program for nearly a decade between the early 60’s and early 70’s. It sent the Apollo 8 astronauts into orbit around the moon in December of 1968. After two more missions to test the lunar landing vehicle, in July of 1969 a Saturn V launched the Apollo 11 crew and the first man to land on the moon. It had three expendable stages; the first stage was liquid oxygen and kerosene, the second stage was liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen, and the third stage was liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen. NASA will switch out the crew of Astronauts on the I.S.S (International Space Station) and they have a live feed on the outside to see the world and space. NASA won the Outstanding Original Interactive Program award along with an emmy. This concluded our trip and we headed back home on Saturday, October 22.

C/LTjg Ilyssa Marshall, PAO

Cadets attending the trip:

Shaylynn Adkins, Dana Arbogast, Emily Carmack, Cheyenne Crites, Emiline Douglas, Kaydence Esser, Hailey Fulton, Ilyssa Marshall, Cheyenne Ramsey, Robert Adkins, Jedidiah Beals, Chain Berendonk, Jordan Burgos, Logan Collins, Caleb Corso, Malachi Curtis, Ethan Dill, Bryson Frost, Matthew Hammer, Blake Hensley, Tristan Hensley, Brandon Johnson,

David Kimble, Nicholas Kulp, Landon Laws, Blake Lengele, Isaiah Ley, Tristan Malone, Dakota Mathes, Corbin McCasland, Jayden Milhorn, Christian Naredo, Hunter NeSmith, Lee Reid, Trenton Roberts, Joshua Tester, Brandon Ward, Ezekiel West, Aiden West

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