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September Cadets of the Month

Jonesborough- The Cadet Commanding Officer and Cadet Executive Officer of our unit choose a male and a female each month to get “Cadet of the Month.” They look only for the best well-dressed cadets. They also look at their attendance, participation, and performance.

These cadets have a reason that they have joined ROTC or someone influenced them like Cheyenne Ramsey. What influenced her to join was “For my Grandpa”. Her goal for the unit is to “Get the highest rank I can”. She was chosen for September Cadet of the Month. Along beside her for September Cadet of the Month is Matthew Hammer. Matthew says, “I enjoy the NJROTC program because there are multiple teams you can join”. Some cadets have parts of ROTC that they like the most. Cheyenne likes “All the things we get to participate in”.

We all get asked the question if we want to join the military. Matthew says “Yes I plan on joining the Military”. We have certain goals in our life that we want to accomplish. If we don’t want to join the military we go to college and start a family. Leading is a very important part of military life.

As I conclude, these cadets have the greatest honor in becoming Cadet of the Month. I hope they wear that cord with loyalty. I am very proud of our future cadets. I just know that they will go farther with their lives.

By: LTjg Marshall, PAO

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