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DCHS NJROTC annual Chain of Command ceremony

David Crockett High School NJROTC just completed their annual Change of Command ceremony on May 5, 2022. Cadet Caleb Corso will take command of the Crockett unit which was commissioned in 1973 by the Secretary of the Navy.

Cadet Caleb Corso received his orders to assume the duties and title of Commanding Officer of the David Crockett High School Navy JROTC on May 5th. The Cadet Commander issues orders through the Executive Officer (XO) to make sure cadet staff performs their duties in an exemplary and highly professional manner. Some of the specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

· Representing the NJROTC Department at many of the numerous civic functions in the community.

· Being seen throughout the NJROTC program, throughout the day, as much as school schedules and teachers will allow.

· The CO may visit classrooms to observe attitudes, interest, and conduct of subordinates, when authorized by school staff.

· Participates in recognition and/or awards ceremonies for each of the platoons.

· Conducts briefings to NJROTC about cadet activities.

· Conducts tours of the NJROTC program during open house and school readiness night.

· Conducts unit formations; responsible for training and execution of drill and ceremonies and oversees the training and performance of the Unit Color Guard.

· Responsible for the appearance of Cadets, equipment and facilities.

· Serves as a link between all Cadets and the Naval Science Instructors.

· Coordinates with SNSI/NSI and Physical Fitness Commander to create an effective unit physical fitness plan.

When asked for a personal quote on DCHS NJROTC, Cadet Caleb Corso wrote, “If you would have told Freshman me that I would have a Chain of Command position in my senior year, I wouldn't have believed you. But now, I am honored to have been chosen for Commanding Officer. Now that I have the position that I do, I plan to do everything in my power to get another Distinguished Unit next year and continue our streak, while also increasing enrollment for future years. I know that this position is going to be a tough one, but I'm ready and excited to take command and learn how to be a better leader. If there's one thing I want to teach the cadets, it's that there is a difference between being a Boss and being a Leader, and I want to be able to teach them how to be a Leader. I owe my success to my parents, my instructors, and my unit. I can't wait to see what we do next year, because with the staff that this unit has, I know it's going to be great!”

Cadet Corso is the son of Vincent and Kim Corso of Limestone, TN. He was selected for this position for his sustained superior performance of duties as Supply Officer and Platoon Commander. Cadet Corso achieved a perfect score on the ACT and is currently pursuing opportunities with the United States Navy.

Cadet Hope Krell was selected as the Executive Officer of the DCHS NJROTC unit. Krell will be responsible under the Commanding Officer for managing the mission support functions of the cadet corps. Second in command, she assumes command and commander responsibilities in the absence of the Commanding Officer. Some of her specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

· Serves as the head of staff; supervises and coordinates the efforts of the cadet staff in planning, coordination and execution of NJROTC events.

· Frees the CO from routine details and passes pertinent data, information, and insight from the staff to the CO and from the CO to the staff

· Ensures staff suspense dates are met and remains knowledgeable of the current status of staff actions.

· Serves as a link between all Cadets and the Commanding Officer.

· Responsible for the safety and risk assessment of all NJROTC events.

· Performs all other duties as assigned by the Commanding Officer.

· Serves as the leader of event staff to plan and conduct unit training.

When asked about her new role, Cadet Krell responds: “I am thrilled and thankful to have been selected as the new Executive Officer for the upcoming school year! I am looking forward to leading next year's NJROTC Cadets to excellence. With God's help and guidance, I will do my utmost to lead them with honor, courage and discipline. My primary goal is to be a leader who can be trusted and depended upon, all the while building up each and every Cadet, encouraging them to do their very best for our unit and for themselves. By doing this, we can work together as a team to accomplish great things that bring honor to the DCHS NJROTC.”

Cadet Krell is the daughter of John and Mary Ann Krell of Telford, TN. She was selected for her position by the Naval Science Instructors due to her sustained superior performance while assigned as Platoon Commander and Orienteering Commander. Cadet Krell plans to pursue a career as a Linguist in the military or earn a degree in musical theatre. She would also like to run cross country on the collegiate level.

Cadet Kerri Quinn was selected as the Operations Officer. Quinn will be responsible under the Executive Officer for managing the mission support functions of the cadet corps. Third in command, her specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

· Responsible for the daily oversight of all NJROTC major events and activities, including training and education (academic) related activities

· Responsible for maintaining the NJROTC unit Master schedule which consists of short range, mid-range, and long- range schedules.

· Provide oversight over the NJROTC Operational Risk Management (ORM) process for all NJROTC sponsored activities.

· Supervise the NJROTC Cadet Platoon Officers who will assist in the execution of all of the assigned duties.

Cadet Quinn plans on enlisting in the Army and working her way through the ranks to the Green to Gold commissioning program after graduation.

Cadet Ty Slagle was selected as DCHS NJROTC Command Master Chief. Slagle will be the principal advisor to the cadet Commanding Officer on the state of morale, discipline, and training of Cadets within the unit. Some specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

· Ensure the NJROTC basic daily routine and weekly schedule is executed as published.

· Ensure the professional enforcement of all NJROTC rules and regulations pertaining to performance and conduct are adhered to by all cadets, especially personal appearance, conduct, and bearing in uniform.

· Provide direct oversight over the NJROTC Enlisted Cadets; enforcing respect towards fellow Cadets, teachers, and community leaders.

· Advises the Commanding Officer on planning, coordinating and supervising activities of the DCHS NJROTC Unit.

· Works as a catalyst in communication to and from Cadets to the Cadet Chain of Command.

· Accounts for personnel during all unit level activities and events.

Cadet Slagle is the son of Roy and Dawn Slagle of Jonesborough. He plans on attending Tennessee Tech University and majoring in a Science field.

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