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Annual Military Inspection On October 20, 2021

Annual Military Inspection

David Crockett High School’s Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps completed their Annual Military Inspection (AMI) on October 20, 2021. AMI consists of a staff briefing, inspection, and a drill demonstration. The inspection phase began at 4:00 P.M. with 69 Cadets being inspected by Commander Trier Kissell. Commander Kissell served as a helicopter flight instructor that accrued over 1,500 hours in the TH-57 Jet Ranger on both active duty and as a member of the Selected Reserve.

The Cadet staff presented a PowerPoint presentation (about the unit’s accomplishments and goals) for Commander Kissell, followed by the inspection phase and a dinning that was provided by the booster club.

During AMI, Cadets had to demonstrate unarmed and armed drill, color guard, marching ability, military knowledge, and military traditions in the Ceremonial Phase. Cadet Lieutenant Junior Grade Caleb Korso served as the Master of Ceremonies. The company was led by Cadet Commanding Officer, Adena Phebus; Cadet Executive Officer, Emily Ward; Cadet Command Master Chief, Alex Stout; and the Cadet Operations Officer, John Morris. Crockett’s 1st platoon was commanded by Cadet Ensign Daniel Winn and Cadet Chief Petty Officer Garrett Taylor. The Color Guard was led by Cadet Chief Dalton O’Shields. The 2nd platoon was commanded by Cadet Lieutenant Junior Grade Korbin Aloisio and Cadet Chief Isaiah Ley. The Staff platoon was led by Cadet Lieutenant John Morris.

During the awards part of the ceremony, Cadet Caleb Korso was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade. Cadet Seaman Apprentice Johnathan Dugger was awarded the Meritorious Achievement Ribbon due to his quick response in a life threatening situation. Cadet Dugger recognized a diabetic man needed assistance and ran into a store, grabbed orange juice, and waited until EMS arrived. Cadets Robert Adkins, Trenton Roberts, Landon Sherfey, Joseph Miller, Bryson Frost, Chayanne Kade, Emily Carmack, Jeddidiah Beals, Kenneth Nesmith, and Kylie Trent received awards for having outstanding personal appearance.

About Us

The goals established for the NJROTC program lend themselves to character development. This program promotes patriotism, a love of country, respect for the flag, and pride in the American way of life. NJROTC teaches leadership qualities that are personified by the Navy’s core values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment.

Honor - Cadets are held accountable for their professional and personal behavior and should remain mindful of the privilege given to them to serve.

Courage - Gives Cadets the moral and mental strength to do what is right, with the confidence and resolution, even in the face of temptation or adversity.

Commitment - The day-to-day duty of every Cadet in the NJROTC program to join together as a team to improve the quality of their unit, their fellow classmates, and themselves.

Leadership Development

NJROTC promotes high school competition and teaches Cadets the value of their education. Of all the extracurricular programs available to students, NJROTC is among the very few programs that provides a complete youth development program, through cognitive and non-cognitive skills that are unique and effective for teaching leadership skills in an academic environment. DCHS’s NJROTC program emphasizes group leadership and develops individual leadership potential through a wide range of opportunities for Cadets to test themselves in leadership roles such as leading a drill team to performing a staff job.

Jade Vance

Cadet Senior Chief Petty Officer, Public Affairs

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